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Tristano Onofri Blazer Red/Black Size 10 SKU 000087

  • $ 79.00

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PRODUCT TITLE: Tristano Onofri Blazer Red/Black Size 10 SKU 000087

DESCRIPTION: This blazer makes a loud statement! Let's everyone know you are present. Has a cuff that folds up to reveal a solid black cuff. Double button closure, 1 button is just for appearances, the other closes the blazer. Has 2 pockets. Fully Lined.

 SIZE: 10

COLOR: Red and Black

FABRIC: 100% Wool, Lining 100% Viscose

CARE: Dry Clean Only


Pre-owned. Gently loved. There is a little bit of flaking on the inside lining of cuffs. Still has lots of wear left.

This Product's RN# has been checked for Vintage Authenticity.