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Designers on a Dime No Pants, No Problem

Designers on a Dime No Pants, No Problem

Hey, I am Kate. I’m just a small town girl living in a fast paced fashionable world. I like to keep up to date with my style and most of the time that means looking into the past for good ideas and great finds.

My closet has a pretty wide variety but I want to mix it up for this coming year. I need change and I have an idea where I can get it from.

Lately it has come to me, no pants, no problem. An oversized sweater can be matched with a pair of thigh high boots or riding boots and cinched with a belt to accentuate my curves. I can prep it up by adding a white oxford button up under my sweater. I found the possibilities to be endless when I realized all I had to do was ditch the trousers. 

Take your basic body suit and add a sheer skirt for a free flowing, but barely showing, sexy look. It gives a hint of what’s underneath without out baring it all by slipping a see-through layer between your lovely lower limbs and the world. Try on a wrap dress, like this Guess red one, and show some leg with a sexy slit. Throw on some statement heels and you’ve got a gorgeous outfit, without the britches.

You see what I’m getting at here? We have confined ourselves to this box, this norm of what our outfits should look like and the outline that they should stick to. First, pants, second, blouse, third, shoes, and hey, let’s throw in a scarf for an accessory. I say no. I say take the pants off and wrap your scarf around your waste. I say wear a flannel button down for a dress. I say you find what makes your inner beauty sparkle and don’t listen to anyone who says you are missing pants.

Pants? Please… No pants, no problem.

Kate's outfit

Maude Sheer Hi-low Black Sheer Skirt Size S - $44.90

Hennes Sheer in Black Top Size M - $23.00

Calvin Klein Fringetastic 4" Heels Size 10 -  $130

Zig Zag Gold Cuff 8" Size L - $15.00

Kate's outfit

Guess Holiday Head Turner Red Dress Size S - $35.00

Leopard Pattern Faux Fur Coat Size S - $33.00

Calvin Klein Heels 4" Size 9 - $55.00 


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    auburn people look good in black and gray.

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